Barricade Herbicide Pre-Emergent for Lawns



Barricade herbicide forms a protective layer in your soil for up to 6 months, as weeds try to germinate they absorb the herbicide and die. Best news is, it's suitable for both lawns and gardens. It's one of turf professionals greatest weapons against weeds.

When and how to use it

When should I use it?

Barricade is a pre-emergent herbicide that target difficult to kill grass weeds like Winter Grass, Crows Foot and others.
It works as the weeds emerge, not when they are fully grown, by new root absorption that results in death. This means the “barrier” of liquid weed prevention needs to be down before the seeds start to germinate. In Australia there is 2 key germination times for grass weeds and we are lucky that Barricade lasts for 6 months, so we can simply boost the levels in the soil at key germination times.

The 2 key times are mid- to late February as soils cool begin to cool below 12 degrees coming into Autumn, this is the perfect time for Wintergrass emergence. The second time is in the first week of September, as soils start to warm up past 12 degrees the Summer grass weeds like Summer Grass, Crows Foot and Crab Grass will be looking to germinate.

If weeds are already present there is still value in putting down Barricade. Although it won’t kill the existing weeds in your lawn it will prevent others emerging. Annual grasses produce lots and lots of seeds, while they will start emerging at the times listed above there is slight variation in each seed and some weeds will germinate later than the initial weeds.

How do I use it?

Always follow the label when applying products but we have covered some key points here for you.

Simply grab a pump pack sprayer and:
For Lawns- put 40ml of Barricade into at least 5L of water and apply evenly over 100m2.
For Gardens- put 40ml of Barricade into at least 5L of water and apply evenly to 50m2.
After applying (or within 7 days) water in with at least 6mm of irrigation or rain.

For Barricade to be effective it needs to be in the soil where the weeds germinate, for lawns that can be done by simply watering in. For gardens it is important that the Barricade is applied under the mulch layer or some absorption will occur by the organic based mulch as it passes.

What's in it?

What’s in it?

The product is non-hazardous and contains an amazing new active called Prodiamine. This is a highly loaded formulation with the active ingredient concentrated at 48% or 480g/L.

Prodiamine is an active ingredient that binds very strongly with organic matter within your soil and remains present for up to 6 months at levels that will prevent new root creation of the target weed species.


The technical stuff
We realise not everyone knows about pre-emergents but they are one of the most exciting products that the professional turf industry can offer the home owner, so we would love you to know about it and reap the fantastic benefits. That’s why we compiled some more information here.

If you have any other technical questions, please send us a message.

Q & A

How do I get the best results?

A nice even coverage and watering in well is appropriate for the lawn. For the garden these matter too, but another important factor is to apply the product below the mulch, as the weeds first germinate in the soil.

How much water should I apply to water in?

Watering or rainfall of 6mm is recommended within 7 days of application. The best way to achieve this is with a sprinkler and the use of an empty tuna can, measure 6mm up the side and make a mark. Irrigate until the water reaches that mark.

Is this safe for all turf types?

It is only safe for warm season turf types like Kikuyu, Buffalo, Couch, Blue Couch and Zoysia. It is not recommended for cool season varieties like Rye, Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. Do not apply if intending to oversow your warm season lawn with one of these cool season varieties.

As it prevents new root creation it is not recommended on new lawns that have just been turfed or sown by seed. For that we recommend the use OxStar.

How long before I see results?

Barricade is a pre-emergent herbicide so unlike post emergent herbicides it doesn’t kill existing weeds, so you won’t see lots of dead weeds like you would with other herbicides. What you will see however is weeds beginning to occur in neighbouring properties while your lawn stays weed free. That’s the beauty of Barricade, once applied it keeps working undetected for 6 months.

If I core my lawn or topdress will I need to reapply?

The addition of new soil to a lawn always poses the risk of new weed seed being added and the coring puts holes filled with sand into your profile, create holes in your protection. But strangely the answer is no you won’t need to reapply, the barrier is still there and root creation will hit the edges of these core holes and it will then be wiped out.

Keep in mind we say topdress, this won’t apply if you put more than 15mm of soil on as you are now creating enough soil for shallow rooted weeds to try and germinate. It will prevent them below that 15mm so they won’t be strongly rooted but the full benefits of the application would be impacted.

Is there anything else I should do after applying Barricade?
If applying Barricade in Spring it also recommended to consider a fertiliser and an insecticide like Acelepryn to protect your lawn. Or there are some great plans here.

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