Professional products for your home turf

Our Backyard Sportsground Pack gives you every product you’ll need to make your lawns look just as impressive as Australia’s top sporting stadiums.  ‘Cause they use our products too.

All-Natural Lawn Care: Great for the planet. Even better for your lawn.

Discover how your grass can always be greener, naturally, with our organic range of products.

The grass is always greener:
in just 24 hours

Discover how to make your lawn greener and lusher in just a day.

How to make your lawn spring into spring

It’s easy when you know how. So we’ve assembled everything you’ll need into one easy, great-value Spring Pack.

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By experts in the field…literally

Expert Advice & Support

From Pro stadiums to your home turf

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If you’re not satisfied, neither are we

Help your lawn Spring into Spring

Get Greener Grass in a Day

Go All-Natural

Rid your lawn of painful bindiis and annoying clover

Hints, Tips and Tricks

How to Lay a New Lawn

Handy Hints, Tips and Tricks

How To Prevent Caterpillars On Your Lawn

Any keen lawn lover knows that sinking feeling when you suddenly spot a hungry caterpillar — or worse, the devastating effects of their feeding frenzy. The tell-tale destruction of your prized lawn is enough to make any lawn lover's heart sink. While the odd...

Lawn Diseases- An Overview

Lawn Diseases- An Overview

  A slight discolouration to the lawn from a distance, that unexplainable spider web look on the lawn as you head to work in the morning- a closer inspection has you taking photos and googling what you can do save your lawn from, well, god knows what.   What...

Time Saving Tips For Your Lawn

Time Saving Tips For Your Lawn

Lawn and garden care can often appear to be an overwhelming task, much easier to replace with a deck, paving or a pool right? Well, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, breaking lawn care jobs up into smaller manageable tasks can make it enjoyable and in a few months’...

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