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Wetting agents to keep your lawn hydrated


Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink

That’s exactly how your lawn and garden feels during Summer. As the lifeblood of gardens, whether it be your lawn or even your mum’s prize-winning roses, it’s safe to say water is an extremely valuable resource.

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In a dry country, like Australia, we are strong advocates of responsible use of this resource and that means getting the most from every drop.

Wetting agents are the game changer you need to make that happen.

How do they work
Wetting agents break down the barriers between your soil and water. So, wetting agents allow water to penetrate deeply into the soil rather than just rolling off. We all know, the deeper you water, the less frequently you need to water, right? It’s simple, the more water you have in your soil the longer time between watering and the roots will be encouraged to grow deeper as they chase the water.

But wait, there’s more, as if water didn’t do enough already… Did you know that nutrition for your lawn is taken up through the plant’s roots, in the form of water soluble nutrients? So, the application of a wetting agent combined with a regular watering program simply needs an application of fertiliser to turn that lawn around. Wetting agents and fertilisers combined will have a synergistic (1+1=4) effect on your lawn. You won’t even recognise it in a few weeks time.

Lawn Play Aquaturf Wetting Agent

For the optimisation of water usage in lawns and gardens.

tricure wetting agent

TriCure Ad Wetting Agent

Premium wetting agent