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Here you’ll find guides on how to get the best out of your Spring Lawn Care, how to deal with fungus, how to care for your lawn with the Lawnganics liquids and how to care for your lawn with Lawn Play granular fertilisers


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While we continue to add more tips from the Pros to this section – and the rest of the content on The Lawn Shed site -we realise you may not find all the answers you need yet. (Especially if you have a unique or particularly weird problem.)

But fortunately, thanks to our team’s vast experience in professional turf, there’s not much we haven’t seen, diagnosed and cured.

So if you can’t find the answers you need in our problem solvers or articles, just contact us at [email protected] with your questions and please include photos which will help us, help you.

Our friendly support team, headed up by the big-brained Ian Thompson (who has a Master of Agriculture in Turf Management) will soon have your lawns and gardens in tip-top condition.

Our Annual Care Guides

buffalo grass

Buffalo Grass Lawn Care Guide

Buffalo grass is a very popular choice in New South Wales and many other states, it has a lot of great values, lush…

couch grass

Couch Grass Lawn Care Guide

Couch grass is a timeless favourite particularl for those in the northern parts of Australia, it’s celebrated for its …

kikuyu grass

Kikuyu Grass Lawn Care Guide

Kikuyu is most known for its robust growth and hardiness, stands as a popular choice for lawns that demand resilience…

zoysia grass

Zoysia Grass Lawn Care Guide

Zoysia is relatively new into the homeowner space and brings a touch of elegance to lawns with less work than…

cool season

Cool Season Grass Lawn Care Guide

Cool Season grasses, for example Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass, thrive in cooler temperatures, making them…

hybrid couch

Hybrid Couch Grass Lawn Care Guide

Hybrid Couches have been popular with sporting facilities for many years now, but they are growing in popularity in…

blue couch grass

Blue Couch Grass Lawn Care Guide

Blue Couch is a popular choice in northern areas of the country where it thrives under higher temperatures, it is…

Our Seasonal Guides

Winter lawn care guide

Our ID Guides

weed guide

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