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When it comes to creating a new lawn, then establishing a lawn from grass seed can be a lot cheaper the laying new rolls of turf. At The Lawn Shed we have endeavoured to bring you premium quality, professionally used grass seed.

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Our cool season variety, Sublime 365 grass seed, is a professionally designed blend of Turf Type Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass, imported from NZ, where some of the best cultivars of Tall Fescue are grown.

For our Couch, well we have scoured trial data from the best grass seed testing facilities in the world, and we are proud to provide Lawn Play Pure Couch Grass Seed. Firstly a seed that includes no cheap additives like fillers and fertiliser.

  • Establishing a lawn from grass seed has some great benefits:
  • It’s cheaper to put down then rolled turf
  • You can purchase it and once you’re ready you can put it down
  •  Seeded varieties are known for establishing long roots during the first year

How to establish a lawn from grass seed

There are three key elements to establishing a lawn from grass seed, to make it easier, we say WOT do you need to establish a lawn from grass seed?

The W stands for water, this means keeping the seed damp at all times. Do not let it dry out and don’t have the seed under water during the establishment phase. A key point to remember is, once the seed first comes in contact with water you must continue to maintain the correct level of moisture otherwise the seed has a false start it can’t recover from.

The O stands for oxygen, a seed must be able to breathe, so it must be sewn at the correct depth in a soil that is of good quality. This means not leaving the seed on the surface but burying slightly below the surface, in a soil that will allow contains oxygen, allowing for root development. Don’t just go throwing seed on a highly compacted soil expecting good results!

Lastly, the T stands for temperature and it’s very critical. Grass seed can only be sown when the right soil temperature for germination is present. When sowing a couch seed, the soil temperature needs to be above 20 degrees Celsius, so that’s why we recommended it only for warmer areas of Australia. For a cool season variety, like Sublime 365 this has a much lower germination temperature because of the high percentage of turf type tall fescue, this can germinate in much lower temperatures, as low as 10 degrees, making it perfect for sowing in Spring and Autumn in cooler areas like Victoria in South Australia

Why can’t I buy lawn seed in WA in Tasmania?

Unfortunately, there are quite a few regulatory hurdles to jump through to allow the sale of grass seed in some states of Australia. While our high-quality professional seed would comfortably pass these tests we are required to do this again for each state, unfortunately the costs are high and this would raise the price of grass seed to extreme levels.

What to expect when growing a lawn from grass seed?

Unlike turf rolls you won’t have an instant lawn, obviously, instead it will take some patience, some care and you’ll even see some weeds pop up during during this time. No, we didn’t include those weed seeds in the box, those seeds have been lying dormant in your soil or even potentially in the soil brought in. Weeds are highly adaptable and their seeds can stay dormant in the soil for up to 10+ years. The open soil and the increased watering has given them a great opportunity to germinate. Don’t stress, pull out the larger ones and once your lawn hits 12 weeks, you can get that first cut and apply a lawn herbicide like Turf Control to control broadleaf weeds and get it back on track.

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