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Disease Control Products to keep your lawn healthy and the family happy.

Curing any lawn disease begins with a correct diagnosis

Luckily you’ve come to the right place. Our team of highly-trained agronomists have developed a quick and easy way to tell what’s wrong with your lawn with a few pictures.

Simply click on the button below and point to the picture of the problem you have. Then we’ll show you exactly what the lawn doctor ordered. 

Chlortan – 1 Litre

Broad spectrum fungicide for lawns

Lawn fungicide

Impala Lawn Fungicide 250ml

Impala is a broad spectrum lawn fungicide, used for control of turf diseases. Its systemic nature protects your lawn from the root to the tip.

Bumper 625 EC – 1 Litre

A broad use fungicide

Patriot – 1 Litre

Broad range fungus control

Triumph – 1 Litre

Controls all forms of Pythium

Proplant – 1 Litre

Pythium control for lawns