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Just sprinkle them over your lawn. Then just add water.

Granular fertilisers are extremely popular with Australian home-owners because they are incredibly easy to use. It’s a simple 2-step process: just spread them evenly across your lawn then give your lawn a drink.

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What is granular fertiliser?

Granular lawn fertilisers are different fertiliser and soil health elements rolled together into prills (granules) that are dispersed onto the lawn.

There are many different types of granular fertilisers for sale, they come in many different types, packs, colours and prices, so it can be quite daunting to buy granular fertiliser But don’t panic because you’re in good hands, here at The Lawn Shed we’ve removed the difficulty of product selection by only stocking professional-grade products that will give you great results, every time. In fact, we’re as passionate about your lawns as we are about our own. Simply select, spread and water with confidence.

The Lawn Shed have carefully selected 3 professional-grade fertilisers for you to use at home. Each one being suited to one of the 3 key reasons to use granular fertiliser:

  • For new lawns – choose Lawn Play Underlay, this lawn fertiliser is applied underneath new turf to promote healthy establishment
  • To keep your lawn healthy – choose Lawn Play All Rounder, this all-purpose lawn fertiliser is our most popular as it is suitable for all types of lawns and all situations. It’s that simple
  • To restore a tired, worn lawn– choose Lawn Play Renovate, this lawn fertiliser is designed for restoring a tired lawn that needs a little more than casual maintenance

All Lawn Shed granular lawn fertilisers are used and recommended by professional turf managers at professional sporting venues around Australia.

The benefits of granular fertiliser

Granular fertilisers have a lot of benefits:

Application type– While spreaders are certainly recommended it can be spread by hand so there it’s easy to apply.

Amount applied– Apply a few kgs on your lawn can apply months worth of nutrition in one application.

Technology– Granulars can combine multiple technologies and represent different release forms of nutrients allowing for faster or slower growth.

How to use granular fertiliser

  • Select the right lawn fertiliser- plenty of great options in our range
  • Measure your lawn– use google earth, a tape measure or pace it out, whatever works for you
  • Choose an application rate– the rate on the bags have a range, use the low rate if your lawn is in good condition and the high rate if it needs a boost.
  • Calculate your product– don’t just throw it out, work out how much you need and apply evenly 
  • Applying the product– use a spreader so the colour transition is nice and even
  • Watering in– not only do we need water to prevent the fertiliser from burning your lawn but the water allows for the nutrients to be taken up through the roots

The Lawn Shed has all your fertilisers needs covered, whether it be granular fertiliser or fast-acting liquid lawn fertiliser. Shipping Australia wide and offering secure payment methods with major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa controlled through the PayPal system you can buy with confidence.

If you’re a passionate fertiliser lover don’t forget to consider the importance a high quality wetting agent plays in maintaining the uptake of nutrients.


What is the best way to apply granular fertiliser?

While it can be done by hand (with gloves on), granular fertiliser is best applied with a spreader to ensure a nice even coverage.How often should I use granular fertiliser?

How quickly does granular fertiliser work?

It starts breaking down in the soil and the microbes go to work. Lawn Play Renovate has forms that are converted into plant available forms very quickly whilst Lawn Play All Rounder takes its time, so you don’t get a burst of growth straight away.

How long can I wait to water in granular fertiliser?

It’s best to water in straight away as any moisture hanging around from dew or previous rainfall can cause the fertiliser to start to break down, this breaking down can cause the salts in the fertiliser to burn the leaf.

Can you over-fertilise with granular fertiliser?

Absolutely. Follow the label and don’t waste your money. Over fertilising slightly will cause a lot of extra growth, dropping some accidentally in a pile can cause an over amount of salt and create a burn.

How long is granular fertiliser good for?

Depends on the type of fertiliser it is. Lawn Play Renovate is about faster growth so only lasts about 8-10 weeks whilst Lawn Play All Rounder is designed to give a slower release rate and therefore is 10-12 weeks.

Lawn Play All Rounder Lawn Fertiliser

Growth without the need for extra mowing

Lawn Play Renovate Lawn Fertiliser with Wetting Agent

Restore your lawn and give it new life.

Lawn Play Underlay Turf Starter

Perfect for kick starting your new lawn


OxStar Lawn Fertiliser & Weed Preventer

A premium quality fertiliser containing a pre-emergent herbicide. Perfect for use with new lawns.