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Lawn Care Products for Summer

The Summer heat brings some challenges for your lawn but it’s easy to protect your lawn from the heat this Summer with the Lawn Shed’s Summer Sizzle Pack. Not only protect it, your lawn will be looking sizzling hot in no time.

When and how to use it

When should I use it?

Well, it’s not called the Summer Sizzle Lawn Care Pack for no reason. The best timing is to apply in early Summer so your lawn is looking perfect for the holidays. The pack is designed to make your lawn sizzle, so it can be applied at any point in the growing season to have your lawn looking amazing.

How do I use it?
The good news is the Summer Sizzle Lawn Care Pack comes with its own instructions so you can get your lawn on the path to brilliant results sooner.

Weekend 1: Apply LAWN PLAY ALL ROUNDER at 2.5kg per 100m2 this will help drive new growth.
Apply the LAWN PLAY AQUATURF over the top of the fertiliser by adding 200ml in 8L of water and applying to 100m2 .
Once the 2 products are out then water them in together until the fertiliser has dissolved, it’s best to use a sprinkler for this part.

Then take a few weeks off and let it do its thing.

6 weeks later: Apply LAWN PLAY ENHANCE by adding 200ml to 5L of water and applying to 100m2.  Now sit back and enjoy telling your neighbours how you did it.

What's in it?

What’s in it?

  • Summer Sizzle Lawn Care Guide

The technical stuff
We love the technical stuff so there’s more information here but never be afraid to ask us a question, we enjoy talking lawns.
LAWN PLAY ALL ROUNDER is a stabilised release granular fertiliser that gives your lawn the food and soil biology it needs to grow, without the need for excessive mowing, think of it like a low GI carbohydrate for your lawn.

LAWN PLAY AQUATURF is a highly concentrated long chain polymeric wetting agent that changes the way your water interacts with the soil. It acts to pull water molecules apart and this reduces the water surface tension, allowing it to connect to the soil.

LAWN PLAY ENHANCE is the professionals secret weapon for television perfect greening. A high iron content combined with nitrogen drive the production of chlorophyll within the plant. A little science to drive the lawns natural processes into having the greenest lawn in the street.

Q & A

How does biology help with new turf and soils?
We are huge believers in biology as it has a huge amount of benefits, such as:

  • Availability and exchange of key nutrients and trace minerals
  • Soil structure and aggregation
  • Water infiltration and retention
  • Root and shoot development
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Disease resistance and suppression of pathogens
  • Tolerance to environmental (abiotic) stresses

How do I get the best results?

We put this pack together to give you the best lawn in the street come Summer time. Follow the guide and you will have some great results.

How much water should I apply to water In?
On the first application you will need to water the lawn until the fertiliser granules have broken down, it’s best to use a sprinkler as this will take a long time with a handheld spray gun. There’s no water required after the application of LAWN PLAY ENHANCE as it is absorbed by the leaves of the lawn.

Is this safe for all turf types?
All products are safe for all turf types.

How long does the fertiliser last?
The fertiliser components in the LAWN PLAY ALL ROUNDER will feed your lawn for up to 12 weeks if used at the higher rate (2.5kg). Depending on the time of year the LAWN PLAY ENHANCE will keep your lawn kicking along for a few extra weeks. At this point it’s best to check out one of our lawn care programs. We have both a standard and a Lawnganic version depending on your preference.

Do I need to do anything else to keep my lawn looking good?
There’s a whole range of things you can do, the basics start with fertilising, weed control and insect protection. We have a great calendar and some other great packs that help you solve all those problems in one go.

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