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What is a fast-acting liquid fertiliser?

Packed with nutrients in liquid form, these types of fertilisers are applied as sprays directly onto the leaves of the lawn. This means they are almost immediately absorbed through the surface of the leaf. Great news if you’re looking for faster results. And who isn’t, right?

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The Lawn Shed offers a range of premium liquid lawn fertilisers for sale suitable for use both in the lawn and garden.

  • For soil and lawn health: look for products that are high in seaweed, such as our Seavival product
  • For a rapidly green lawn: grab a bottle of Enhance for greening and Pronto for growth
  • Or for organically strong lawns: pick up a Lawnganics Pack and grow your lawn like the professionals, find out more about our Lawnganics range in our video.

The benefits of fast-acting liquid fertiliser

Granular fertilisers are more commonly used but let us make a case here for you to buy liquid lawn fertilisers, they have some significant advantages. They’re also great if you are environmentally conscious.

  • Water usage – Liquid lawn fertilisers use as little as 5-8L per 100m2 and no watering in
  • Amount of product – Liquid lawn fertilisers can be highly effective from as low as 100ml per 100m2
  • No spikes in growth – With low application rates, liquid lawn fertilisers reduce the need for mowing while keeping your lawn green and healthy
  • Less leaching – Liquid lawn fertilisers are readily absorbed through the leaf so there is little to no risk of rainfall moving nutrition into stormwater runoff

How to use liquid lawn fertiliser

Select the right liquid lawn fertiliser

The LawnPlay Range

LawnPlay Enhance– It enhances your lawn with nitrogen and iron helps build a deep green colour in your lawn very quickly. Perfect for lifting your lawn game.

LawnPlay Pronto– Pronto contains nitrogen in a form that is readily available to the plant, so it’s off and moving quickly.

LawnPlay Seavial– A seaweed product that helps boost the strength of the lawn, aiding in its survival during times of stress. Now, while not technically a ‘fertiliser’ because it doesn’t contain nutrition, it has some great benefits and can be applied in the same way as liquid lawn fertilisers.  

The Lawnganic Range

Lawnganics Nourish– Provides general plant nutrition and forms the base of an organic liquid lawn program. Use from Spring to Autumn.

Lawnganics Vitalise– A bit of complex chemistry here, but basically we decided which plant processes we really liked and built a product that supercharged them giving the plant extra strength.

Lawnganics Brilliance– An organic lawn greener that gives great colour by providing the chlorophyll building blocks of zinc and iron.

Lawnganics Roots– This product is all about root development and should be used when Nourish is dropped from the program, so through the cooler period.

Hopefully, that has helped you select the right lawn fertiliser to get the results you are after.


  • Measure your lawn
  • Calculating the product and water required
  • Apply the product evenly
  • Water in if required (follow the label)

The Lawn Shed has all your fertilisers needs covered, whether it be granular fertiliser or fast-acting liquid lawn fertiliser. Shipping Australia wide and offering secure payment methods with major credit cards like Mastercard and Visa controlled through the PayPal system you can buy with confidence.

If you’re a passionate fertiliser lover don’t forget to consider the importance a high quality wetting agent plays in maintaining the uptake of nutrients.


What is the best way to apply liquid fertiliser?

The use of a high-quality sprayer is recommended. Make sure you correctly calculate the amount of product and liquid required.

How often should I use liquid fertiliser?

Depends on the rate you use and the colour you desire. As a rough guide liquid lawn fertiliser is not as long lasting and requires monthly applications during the growing season.

How quickly does liquid fertiliser work?

Actions within the plant begin within minutes and results can be seen within hours. For our Lawnganics range this is soil building so will take longer.

How long can I wait to water in liquid fertiliser?

Follow the label directions. There’s no rush unless temperatures are above 30 degrees. Many of them don’t need watering in at all. Wait 24 hours before watering your lawn if the product is recommended to be applied to the leaf.

Can you over-fertilise with liquid fertiliser?

Liquid lawn fertilisers are so fasting because they are absorbed through the leaf in a plant ready form. Over applying can cause things like leaf tip burn and even blackening of the leaf. This can be avoided by following the label or contacting us for help with calibrating your sprayer.

How long is liquid fertiliser good for?

Depends on the time of year, the lawn type and how green you want it. In cooler periods or locations it can last up to 2 months, in others it will only last for 1 month. The best thing to do is apply and make a note to review after 4 weeks.

Lawn Play Enhance Lawn Fertiliser

For professional style greening of your lawn

Lawn Play Seavival Concentrated Seaweed Solution

For soil health improvement in lawns

Lawn Play Curator Lawn Fertiliser

Complete NPK lawn liquid fertiliser

Lawn Play Pronto Lawn Fertiliser

For lush green growth, pronto.

Lawnganics Nourish Lawn Fertiliser

Organically deliver nutrition for your lawn

Lawnganics Roots Lawn Fertiliser

For the organic development of lawns roots

Lawnganics Vitalise Lawn Fertiliser

Organically boost your lawns health

Lawnganics Brilliance Lawn Fertiliser

For naturally richer, greener grass