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Broad range herbicide

Dicamba M Lawn Herbicide

Effective results on a large range of common lawn weeds, including bindii and clover

Bow and Arrow herbicide herbicide bindii clover creeping oxalis weeds

Bow And Arrow Herbicide

Bow and Arrow broadleaf weed killer safe for all common lawn types

Nutgrass Killer - Surefire Tempra 750 WG

Tempra Nutgrass Killer

Kills Nutgrass without mercy but is gentle on your lawn

Weed killer

Glyphosate 360 Total Weed Killer

For a wide range of perennial and annual weeds

Improve herbicide Lawn performance with Barricade Herbicide 1L

Barricade Herbicide Pre-Emergent for Lawns

6 months control of many common grass weeds including wintergrass

Spartan Pre-emergent Lawn herbicide

Spartan Herbicide- Pre-emergent for Home Lawns

Prevent grass weeds before they occur


OxStar Lawn Fertiliser & Weed Preventer

A premium quality fertiliser containing a pre-emergent herbicide. Perfect for use with new lawns.


Propyzamide Wintergrass Killer and Preventer Concentrate

Propyzamide is a highly concentrated herbicide which remains in the soil, preventing wintergrass as well as killing young seedlings that may already be present.

Wetout 1L - Spray Adjuvant

Wetout Surfactant

Sticker and spreader improves herbicide coverage on small weeds.

Onion grass weed

Lonhro Onion Weed Killer

Onion grass control for the home user

Spreadwet non ionic surfactant

Spreadwet 1000 Non-ionic surfactant

Non-ionic sticker