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As the name suggests, Lawnganics is a brand that’s leading the organic revolution in Australian backyards.

Yes. Each product is organic. Making them great for your yard, the environment and the planet. But what really sets them apart is that they’re packed full of healthy, naturally-occurring microbes which feed and fix your soil while nourishing your plants and the grass that lives above it. 

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As we become more environmentally aware, this comes with the larger responsibility to take action. Up until now that has been difficult as this would have meant compromising on the quality of your lawn. Well no longer will you need to feel this way, Lawnganics makes this an easy decision.

Don’t believe us, just ask our customers, the best sporting stadiums in Australia.

Lawnganics is the organic lawn care solution that organically enrichens your soil and lawn to a point where the soil is so biologically active that it supports the lawn on a whole new level.

Deeply rooted in the principles of plant science these patented formulations are unique and their quality can’t be replicated.

With 4 clear products for each different usage pattern:

Nourish  For general organic nutrition
Roots  For deeper roots on your organic lawn
Vitalise  For organic plant strength
Brilliance  Organic long-term greening

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For organic lawn nutrition


For the organic development of lawns roots


For organic plant strength


For organic greening