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Insect Control for your Lawn. Don’t muck around, destroy them.

Lawn Insect Control Products

Insect Control Can Be Tricky

Sometimes you can see the enemy. And sometimes you cannot. Either way, we can help you identify what’s invading your land and supply you with the weapons you’ll need to win the battle. Quickly and safely.

If you don’t know the enemy you’re fighting, simply click on the link below and we’ll guide you through to the correct solution.

Acelepryn GR 10kg

Fortune Ultra – 1 Litre

Spectrum – 250ml


Sentinel 2G 5kg Granular Lawn Insecticide

Lawn killers – the usual suspects


As their name suggests, they will eat your lawn with mitilary precision. So you’re best to kill the ones you can see WHILE also preventing the next wave. We recommend doing this quickly. Really quickly. click here.

African Black Beetles

If you can these on your lawn, Bad news. Because most of the damage they do is caused by their larvae underneath your grass. So while they’ve travelled from afar you’re best to make sure their journey ends here. click here.