Best Lawn Care Products

From purchasing premium lawn fertilisers to mowing the lawn once a week, there’s not much some homeowners won’t do to keep their lawns lush and green. Having a schmick lawn makes your home appear more inviting and is sure to impress guests and neighbours alike. 

So if you’re looking to spruce up your lawn, then you’re going to need the best lawn care products!

Here at the Lawn Shed, we’re grass lovers, just like you. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top lawn care products you might need to whip your lawn into shape.


Fertiliser is the good stuff that makes your lawn grow. Its nutrients keep your grass nice and green while helping it deal with wear and tear to guarantee its continued growth. Before shopping around for fertiliser, it’s important to first understand the needs of your lawn.

Factors like the type of lawn you have, the climate and the level of foot traffic your lawn experiences all play a part in the kind of fertiliser you should choose. There are two main types of fertilisers: dry and liquid. As their names suggest, this is the form the fertiliser comes in. Liquid fertiliser is absorbed and used quicker to speed up grass growth, but doesn’t last as long. It also means you’ll be mowing your lawn more frequently. In contrast, dry fertiliser can last for several months, can be applied with a spreader and simply needs to be watered afterwards to activate it.

Weed killer

While fertiliser works to thicken your lawn and prevent weeds from appearing, sometimes you need something with killer strength. That’s why it’s always handy to have some weed killer stashed in your garage. Weed killer or herbicides are a fast-acting liquid that destroys things like:

  • Bindis 
  • Dandelions 
  • Clovers 

Weed killers like Turf Control are selective in what they take down, keeping your grass safe. If you’re unsure of what weed killer you might need for your lawn, have a play with our Weed Problem Solver tool. All you need to do is select which weeds are spoiling your lawn, and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

Insect control 

Another top lawn care product to have at your disposal is insect control. Pests like African black beetles or armyworms feed on your lawn or chew through the stems of grass, halting its growth. To prevent further damage to your lawn, it’s best to get on top of the problem as soon as you notice it.

Our range of insecticides take immediate effect on your lawn, with a range for every stage of an insect’s life cycle, killing not only existing adults but any larvae within the soil. Check out our Pest Problem Solver tool to get the exact insecticide you need.

Lawn Packs 

Want specialised care for your lawn? Then look no further than our lawn packs. Our packs feature some of the best lawn care products for just about any lawn. They’re designed to be an all-rounder for lawn care. Whether kids have trampled your grass or you need to prepare for summer, you’re sure to find a pack that’s right for you.


To keep your grass looking lush and healthy, it needs to be regularly watered. One way to take the hassle out of this task is to install a sprinkler system. Sprinklers come in all shapes and sizes, with the more popular option being rotating sprinkler heads, as they can quickly and evenly distribute water. 

And thanks to developing technology, you can even purchase a smart sprinkler. These are sprinklers that come with an app and loads of handy features. Depending on the model you pick up, you’ll be able to set watering schedules, align it to any water restrictions in your area and optimise your water use. 

Many homeowners take great pride in their lawns and deserve access to the products that keep their grass in tip-top shape. The Lawn Shed has spent years supporting famous sporting grounds, and we’re ready to transform your lawn with the best lawn care products. Grab your lawn essentials by browsing our latest products today. 

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