Hybrid Couch Grass Lawn Care Guide

Written by Ian Thompson

Ian holds a Masters in Turf Management from Sydney University, has over 20 years experience working as a golf course Superintendent, turf manager, product formulation and development. We call him our resident Lawn genius.

Hybrid Couches have been popular with sporting facilities for many years now, but they are growing in popularity in new home lawns. The great part about these grasses is they require minimal inputs.  This innovative grass group inherits the fine texture of Couch but with added benefits of increased colour. The result is a hybrid that adapts well to different environments, providing homeowners with a balanced and efficient solution for achieving a vibrant and thriving lawn.



Mowing Hybrid Couch Grass:

Establish a regular mowing routine for your Hybrid Couch grass lawn, targeting an optimal height between 3 to 25 mm. Hybrid Couch, lauded for combining resilience with rapid establishment, forms a versatile and dense carpet. Regular mowing not only enhances the health and vibrancy of the turf but also manages the characteristics inherited from its diverse lineage. If you are struggling with scalping then you need to reduce your inputs, reduce fertiliser and water to your lawn and use a plant growth regulator. Employ a sharp mower blade to minimize stress on the grass, adjusting the mowing frequency based on the season. Consider scaling back mowing during cooler periods when Hybrid Couch may require less attention.

Watering Hybrid Couch Grass:

Hybrid Couch grass thrives with deep, infrequent watering. Hybrid Couch has an extremely drought tolerant nature but still requires watering. Ensure your lawn receives ample water to prevent the formation of dry patches, adjusting based on weather conditions. Deep watering fosters a robust root system, enhancing drought tolerance. For consistent moisture distribution, especially during hot and dry periods, be sure to employ a sprinkler or irrigation system.

Weeding Hybrid Couch Grass:

Hybrid Couch grass lawn is generally weed free due to the compact and dense nature of the lawn. It can however develop weeds in areas where the lawn has started to thin out along fence lines and other part shaded areas. Regularly inspect the lawn, manually removing any emerging small weeds. For larger weed challenges, consider applying a targeted herbicide. Additionally, incorporate pre-emergent herbicides strategically at the start and end of the growing season to prevent grass weed establishment.

Fertilising Hybrid Couch Grass:

Hybrid Couch grasses were designed to be healthy with minimal inputs so it’s very important you keep your inputs low otherwise you may be facing a very fast, aggressive growing grass. Opt for applying small amounts of fertiliser regularly to maintain a steady growth curve. Adhering to recommended application rates is crucial for optimal results.

Renovate Hybrid Couch Grass:

Hybrid Couch grass has a tendency to develop thatch and periodic renovation is highly recommended. Scalping, scarifying and aeration are all particularly beneficial, contributing to enhanced soil health and improved water and nutrient absorption. Regularly assess your lawn’s condition, identifying and addressing any issues to maintain a resilient and visually appealing Couch grass lawn.

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