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Instant (well, almost) nutrition for your lawn

Packed with nutrients in liquid form, these types of fertilisers are applied as sprays directly onto the leaves of the lawn. This means they are almost immediately absorbed through the surface of the leaf. Great news if you’re looking for faster results. And who isn’t, right?

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Liquid fertilisers have some significant advantages over their more commonly used granular partners. They’re also great if you are environmentally conscious.

Water usage – Liquid lawn fertilisers use as little as 5-8L per 100m2 and no watering in
Amount of product – Liquid lawn fertilisers can be highly effective from as low as 100ml per 100m2
No spikes in growth – With low application rates, liquid lawn fertilisers reduce the need for mowing while keeping your lawn green and healthy
Less leaching – Liquid lawn fertilisers are readily absorbed through the leaf so there is little to no risk of rainfall moving nutrition into stormwater runoff

The Lawn Shed offers a range of premium liquid fertilisers suitable for use both in the lawn and garden.

For soil and lawn health: look for products that are high in seaweed, such as our Seavival product
For a rapidly green lawn: grab a bottle of Enhance for greening and Pronto for growth
Or for organically strong soil and lawns pick up a Lawnganics Pack and grow your lawn like the professionals


For quick greening of lawn


For organic greening


For fast, lush lawn growth


For organic lawn nutrition


For the organic development of lawns roots


For organic plant strength


For soil health improvement in lawn and garden