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Naturally the best lawn in the street comes from the professional products and Lawnganics is exactly that. With patented organic formulations that are used by some of the most famous sports stadiums, parks, courses and wickets across Australia and NZ we are very excited to bring them to your home lawn.

LAWNGANICS BRILLIANCE uses 3 key greening nutrients for sustained, brilliant organically green lawns. Plus there’s added plant and root stimulants to aid in the recovery from environmental stress.

When and how to use it

When should I use it?
LAWNGANICS BRILLIANCE is specifically used to take your lawn up a notch with increased greening. The trick to this product is to use small amounts and apply a little more regularly than you would a granular. It’s best applied when we want our lawns at their greenest, for many this means year round applications with some increased frequency or rate during the cooler weather when colour is difficult to maintain. It doesn’t hurt to slip in an extra application in if you have a Christmas cricket match or want the best lawn in the street.

How do I use it?
Check our how to use a liquid lawn fertiliser here.
Or simply measure out the amount of product and water you need, you will need 100ml for every 100m and we recommend either to calibrate your sprayer or add the product to 5L of water and apply evenly over the whole 100m2
The product is absorbed through the leaf so there is no need to water it in.

What's in it?

What’s in it?
It’s a superbrew that’s for sure, put together by some of Australia’s leading turf experts, so there’s a lot of technical stuff. We recommend checking out our video here where our lawn genius takes you through the benefits of the Lawnganics range.
LAWNGANICS BRILLIANCE is a specially formulated liquid iron and zinc fertiliser that is easily absorbed by the leaves to produce a deep colour without causing any burn or damage.
The balanced rates of iron and zinc bring out a natural deep green colour by stimulating 2 natural processes within the plant, nitrogen metabolism and chlorophyll synthesis.
As always we have added our proprietary soil biology package technology that enhances nutrient availability, longevity and compatibility for better turf performance.

The technical stuff
We love talking technical so our technical sheet includes even more information including the nutritional breakdown, here. Plus, we always enjoy questions.

Q & A

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the best results?
True organic lawn fertilising does require some patience, it’s not a huge burst in growth but we can say that once users try it then they find it hard to go back. To get the best results from this product we recommend that you use a high quality sprayer and it works best as part of a program.

How much water should I apply to water in?
The great part of this liquid product is that there’s no need to water it in.

Is it safe for kids and pets?
The products are formulated from organic ingredients that are naturally occurring in the environment, we have just taken them, concentrated them and put them to work. That means the product has a great safety profile, but it’s still best to allow the product to dry before walking on your lawn. Like most products keep the product container out of reach of children and pets.

Is this safe for all turf types?
It is safe for all turf types.

How long does this product last?
The fertiliser components will feed your lawn for up to 4 weeks. It’s best to think of these products as a monthly soil health regime and try to follow our  program.

Do I need to do anything else to keep my lawn looking good?
There’s a whole range of things you can do, the basics start with fertilising, weed control and insect protection. We have a calendar and some great packs that help you solve all those problems in one go.

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