Earthway 2600A Lawn Spreader


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A high quality professional lawn spreader at an affordable price.
The Earthway 2600A holds up to 18kg of lawn fertiliser and has a patented delivery system which provides accurate distribution.
A rust-proof polypropylene hopper is exactly what you need as fertilisers may be complex but they are still salts and can create rust on metal.
Despite it's large 18kg hopper the Earthway 2600A lawn spreader can still operate on small lawns and can be easily stored in your shed or garage.
It's strong powder coated steel frame and sturdy T-handle combined with solid linkage ensures a positive shut off, excellent rate control, and long-term durability.
That's why it's proving highly popular with lots of lawn lovers.

Q & A

How do I get the best results?

The best way to get good results with a granular fertiliser is to apply it evenly. In an environment where green stripes may show up on the tv, sports turf managers will halve the rate and travel in two different directions to reduce any “stripes”. Another great way to ensure consistent results is to ensure the fertiliser is well watered in, as the fertiliser is taken up in water, through the roots of the soils. This can be helped with a wetting agent like Lawn Play Aquaturf.

What settings should I use?

It all depends on how fast you walk. That is, you can have a high setting, walk fast (which spreads the fertiliser wide), allowing you to get over the lawn quickly. If however you have a small lawn with alot of gardens it’s better to start with a low setting and walk slower but just fast enough for an even spread.

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