Lawn Play Verdant Lawn Pigment


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Lawn Play Verdant is a lawn pigment specifically designed to enhance the lawns natural colour during cooler periods.

Beyond making your lawn look great it has some more scientific benefits too, these include:

  • increases light absorption due to its similarity to chlorophyll
  • increases soil and surface temperatures during cool conditions
  • assists with turf quality during warm summer months through increased reflectance

In a concentrated 100ml pack, this allows for repeat use on the average size lawn.

For ultimate results mix with Lawnganics brilliance or Lawn Play Enhance.

Simply mix 10-15mls in 5L of water and apply to 100m2.


Interested in learning more about how to keep your lawn green in Winter?

Why do our lawns go off colour?

The compound in our lawn which gives it that beautiful green colour is chlorophyll. Now before you start reminiscing about year 7 science we aren’t going to go into any great deal on that subject, because, well it’s just not that critical to the end story.

As temperatures drop off your lawn feels the soil temperature through its roots and starts to do a variety of things.

First of all, it slows or stops producing the green pigmentation, chlorophyll. As chlorophyll production reduces/stops it is slowly degraded and the lawn changes colour.

Where you are located will impact dramatically on the natural colour change of your lawn, warmer areas may see a slight drop in chlorophyll production while other areas will stop completely.


How do I stop this discolouration?

Well, as we mentioned it’s the loss of chlorophyll that is our major issue in colour degradation, so we aim to reverse this process and use some simple science to encourage the plant to create more chlorophyll. This can be achieved by applying a product like Lawn Play Enhance that contains a high percentage of iron, which stimulates chlorophyll development.

As winter deepens (June) or if you are in a particular cooler part of the country, you should consider using a lawn pigment like Lawn Play Verdant.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will the pigment stain?

Pigments are designed to provide colour, so it is advisable to wash off as soon as possible if an application is applied to the wrong area.


Can I add other products to the tank?

Yes, pigments are suitable for mixing with other products such as Lawn Play Enhance and Lawnganics Brilliance. It is always best to test products in small proportions before mixing large amounts or feel free to contact the Lawn genius.


When can I walk on the lawn?

Wait until dry before walking on your lawn. Try to start in a corner and spray back towards your exit point, that is, don’t paint yourself into a corner.


Is the product safe for kids and pets?

Re-entry is permitted once the lawn is dry.


Can I mix this product into a hose on bottle?

Best results are achieved with a low application rate of water which can’t be achieved with a hose on bottle.

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Acelepryn is a granular pesticide used to protect lawns of all kinds from caterpillars and grub infestations. Give your home or business’ lawns the best treatment with a commercial-grade product like our Acelepryn insecticide. Its granular form makes it easy to distribute evenly over your yard for maximum effect.

Active ingredients and control factors

The active ingredient in Acelepryn insecticide is chlorantraniliprole which is known to effectively manage a range of nasty grubs that can cause damage to your lawn. The grubs that Acelepryn can help protect your grass from include:

  • African Black Beetle larvae
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  • Argentinian Scarab
  • Lawn Armyworm
  • Cutworm
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Before infestations become a problem, Acelepryn insecticide’s active ingredient will treat your lawn and create a hostile environment to deter harmful bugs and insects from causing irreparable damage. With the correct application, the active ingredients in Acelepryn work for up to 6 months when applied in granular form to protect your lawn safely and effectively.

How to apply Acelepryn to your lawn

The beauty of a product like Acelepryn GR is that it’s easy to apply and works fast. You can find out more details on how to apply Acelepryn in our blog, which will provide you with more detailed instructions, but the general application process is simple.

  • Step 1 — Calculate the area that you want to treat. When you buy Acelepryn GR in a 10kg pack of granules, this will typically cover about 666 square metres.
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  • Step 3 — Once you have finished applying the product, lightly water your lawn. We recommend irrigating your lawn with 3mm of water.

By following these 3 quick and easy steps, you will kill off any existing bugs in your lawn, and it will remain protected for up to 6 months from the application date.

An insecticide that is safe to use in your home or business

Everyone wants a well-protected lawn, but it’s important to choose an insecticide that is safe for use in your home. Acelepryn insecticide is a safe product to use in your space with minimal concerns for children and pets. Children and pets are safe to re-enter the area once it has been watered in and the lawn is dry.

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