Solo 441 16L Battery Powered Sprayer


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The Solo 441Li Sprayer is a lithium battery powered sprayer that holds up to 16L. This product is a professional quality build and for this reason it is recommended for those making regular applications on larger lawns and gardens. Includes the sprayer, charger and battery.

Q & A

How do I get the best results?

The best way to get good results with a liquid applied product is a high quality sprayer and even application. When first learning how to spray it is best to add some water to the tank and apply on the morning of a heavy dew, the dew will help you see where you have been walking. You can create your own “dew” if needed by applying a light watering to the turf.

What nozzles should I use?

The standard nozzle used for most foliar applications (less water, medium sized droplets) are red nozzles, also called 04. The standard nozzle for soil applications (more water, larger droplet) is a brown nozzle, also called an 08 nozzle.

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