Time Saving Tips For Your Lawn

Written by Ian Thompson

Ian holds a Masters in Turf Management from Sydney University, has over 20 years experience working as a golf course Superintendent, turf manager, product formulation and development. We call him our resident Lawn genius.

Lawn and garden care can often appear to be an overwhelming task, much easier to replace with a deck, paving or a pool right? Well, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, breaking lawn care jobs up into smaller manageable tasks can make it enjoyable and in a few months’ time you could have the best lawn in the street.

So, we asked the Lawn Genius what the most important tasks are and what we can do to make the most of the time we have in pursuit of the perfect patch of green lawn.


Well, the best place to start is with the 5 most important things you can do on your lawn:

  • Mow + edge the lawn
  • Keep it hydrated
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Keep the soil healthy
  • Protect it from lawn grubs and Armyworm


#1 Mow + edge the lawn

The more frequently you mow the denser the lawn becomes.

Now as much as I love mowing, spending your weekends mowing can makes this task feel like a chore, but we’re very lucky that technology has come a long, long way. If you’re still pushing your mower you should consider a self-propelled mower, it’s so much easier that you may even start to enjoy mowing. Don’t forget to get your earmuffs on and have your favourite Spotify playlist or podcast playing underneath. As much as we all feel that pressure when our neighbours start their mower, no-one said you had to mow on the weekend, so consider knocking it off after or before work to leave your weekends free.

If that’s still too much like work, then you can even get yourself a robot lawnmower!

The task of edging makes a huge difference to your lawn, it finishes off and tidies up your lawn nicely. To do it efficiently though you do need a proper edger or brushcutter to complete the task. Learn how to use it properly and you will fly through the task. Borrow, hire, buy an edger, DO NOT attempt this by hand.


#2 Keep it hydrated

Just like us, a lawn can’t survive for very long without water.

Most of us have the good old handheld nozzle that attaches to the hose and while that’s perfect for pots and garden beds it just doesn’t cut it when you need to cover a larger area like a lawn.

An irrigation system may seem like a bit of an investment the improvement on your lawn will add value to your home, not to mention the huge amount of time you will save. Once properly installed it requires very little maintenance. While you’re waiting to get this Rolls Royce of setups, a simple sprinkler on a timer is a great way to ensure your lawn is getting adequately hydrated.  


#3 Get rid of weeds

Weeds are not our friends, so cleaning them up is a must do task.

The best way to save time with weed killing is to do it once and do it right. That means, a highly effective product like Bow & Arrow and getting the timing right. Many weeds in lawns, like bindii and clover are broadleaf weeds. While some broadleaf weeds start coming up in February others wait until the soil is cooler so they will continue coming up for a few more months. Aim to treat in June to August, this is after they have all germinated but still early enough to stop them from producing seeds for next year.


#4 Keep the soil healthy

Lawns roots draw up nutrients from the soil. Like our bank accounts, once the withdrawals exceed the balance there is nothing left.

Fertilising doesn’t take long at all, but there are a few tips to make this process easier. The use of a spreader is great not just to get an even coverage but it allows you to cover larger areas faster than by hand.

Slow-release fertilisers, like Lawn Play All Rounder, are a great way to make your lawn healthier, greener and denser, without suddenly having to jump out and mow twice a week.

Remember to use a sprinkler to water in rather than by hand.


#5 Protect it from lawn grubs and Armyworm

Lawn Armyworm can destroy your lawn overnight so it’s important to have a plan in place.

Insect control for lawns used to be a complex process however it’s been made easier thanks to great new technology like Acelepryn. With its set and forget process that lasts for up to 6 months, it’s like an insurance policy for your lawn against damaging lawn pests like African Black Beetle larvae aka curl grub and Lawn Armyworm.


Those 5 things form an extremely strong base for keeping your lawn looking great all year round, we do however have a few extra tricks if you’re interested in taking it to the next level. Again, we have focused on how we can save you time on your lawn.


#6 Pre-emergent herbicide

A pre-emergent herbicide like Baricade is a product which prevents weeds, particularly grass weeds like Wintergrass, Summer Grass and Crows Foot.

The process is a huge time saver, it is simply 2 applications per year, the first in February and the second in August. What these 2 applications do however is create a huge reduction in your time spent weeding or additional spraying. Best part is it can even be sprayed on your garden beds (not edible plants) to prevent weeds there as well.


#7 Growth regulator

A plant growth regulator is a great product that slows down the vertical growth of your lawn.

This is a great way to reduce the clippings, the mowing time, and the frequency on your lawn. We all want that right? It also makes your lawn denser and greener. It’s commonly billed as the product that makes good lawns great. This product is applied using a backpack sprayer and needs to be done evenly. So, my best advice here is to get yourself a battery powered sprayer and 2 nozzle boom to cover a larger area in one go, literally half the time.    


#8 Learn

Just like any other do-it-yourself tasks some of these can seem a bit overwhelming or scary when you first consider them.

So, whether  you’re wondering how to control weeds, kill Lawn Armyworm, The Lawn Shed has all the products, hints and tips you need to keep your greenery thriving. Have a burning question about your turf? Consult the lawn genius today!



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