Written by Andrew Baber

Weed killers, also known as herbicides are a great way to control a large number of weeds within your lawn. Weeds are extremely common in Australian lawns, with Bindii’s in the feet simply a part of growing up.

While we always recommend small infestations of weeds are pulled by hand, sometimes the problem needs a more efficient or permanent solution.

It’s important to make sure you select the right product to get the right result so time for a quick overview.

Broadleaf herbicides
These weed killers are suited for a range of broadleaf weeds common in the home lawn including bindii, clover and oxalis. Products like Bow & Arrow weed killer is safe on most common lawns including kikuyu, couch and buffalo.

Total herbicides
These types of weed killers are products that are “total” killers, this means they are damaging to everything they touch, including the lawn. We don’t recommend these be used on the lawn but Glyphosate 360 is cheap and effective on areas where off target damage is not a concern, like paths or driveways and even if removing your old lawn.

Pre-emergent herbicides
This type of herbicide drops into a different category. Imagine one application and not having weeds for 6 months. Pre-emergent herbicides like Barricade create a barrier in the soil and prevent weeds from germinating through and up to the surface.

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