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Primo Maxx plant growth regulator, truly is a secret of the pros. Once you buy Primo Maxx and start using it you will be hooked.

It reduces upright growth by reducing the creation of the plant hormone (gibberellic acid) that allows for cell elongation.

The benefits of a plant growth regulator

Primo Maxx plant growth regulator is a game changer for your lawn. Ever looked at a bowling green, golf green and wondered how they get it so low?

Primo Maxx is a plant growth regulator designed specifically for turf and has a whole list of amazing results. It:

  • Reduces vertical growth
  • Reduces the leaf blade side, making the lawn finer
  • Improved colour of the lawn
  • Denser lawn

All these factors result in:

  • Less scalping
  • Less weeds
  • Less frequent mowing
  • Less clipping
  • Less catcher emptying
  • Less water usage

Just one warning, you may have some very envious neighbours and they will ask for your lawn advice.

How to use a plant growth regulator

Primo Maxx plant growth regulator is incredibly easy to use and has great results at low rates. It is simply applied to the leaf and absorbed through the plant’s stomata.

Applying Primo Maxx is incredibly easy. Start by reading the label and selecting a rate based on your lawn type.

Rates (per 100m2)

  • Hybrid couch 1.5-6ml 
  • Carpet Grass, Kikuyu 16-40ml 
  • Common Couch 8-16ml 
  • Buffalo 10-20ml 

For your first application it’s best to start early in Spring and use the lowest rate. Some shock may occur which will cause some slight browning, don’t worry this will disappear or to reduce this impact, consider doing a tank mix of LawnPlay Enhance or Lawnganics Brilliance with the Primo Maxx.

Once you have your rates for the products, simply take your sprayer, add the required product and add enough water to cover your lawn. If you need help calculating this than learn how to calibrate your sprayer here, or simply ask our resident lawn genius.

How often to apply Primo Maxx

Primo Maxx plant growth regulator is applied when the upright growth is more than you want for your lawn, so it can be a bit of a personal preference. That being said we have put together a bit of a guide.

We recommend monthly applications during September to November, but once December comes around it’s better to start increasing the rate and frequency, this is when the fortnightly applications kick in. It’s a little extra work but your lawn will love it and its a lot faster and easier than mowing. Once the weather starts to cool in February it’s time to reduce the frequency back to once a month and by the end of March you can turn it off all together.

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When and how to use it

When should I use Primo Maxx?
Primo Maxx is a plant growth regulator so its usage period is when you are wanting to regulate the growth of your lawn. The most common use period is between October and February, but can be used any time of the year.

How do I use it?
It’s a highly concentrated formulation so the usage rates are quite low. As grass types vary so does the rate, slower growing grasses like bent grass the rates can be as low as 2ml/100m2 but in more aggressive grasses like kikuyu the rate can be as high as 80ml. It’s best to start at the lowest rate and find a rate that works for your lawn and area. A lower rate will give coverage for 2 weeks while a higher rate can last 4-6 weeks. Put the product into 5L of water and apply over 100m2.

What's in it?

What’s in it?
The product contains the active ingredient trinexepac-ethyl.

The technical stuff
Plant growth regulators is not commonly used for lawns, that’s why we have compiled an information sheet here.
If you have any other technical questions please send us a message.

Q & A

How do I get the best results?
Start at the low rate and work your way up until you find a rate that works for you. The addition of an iron product like LAWN PLAY ENHANCE can help increase colour of the lawn and reduce any colour damage that may occur due to hormone changes. A growth regulator is the type of product that makes good lawns great, so if your lawn is long and scrappy it is best to develop it into a more regular maintenance program before starting with a growth regulator.

How much water should I apply to water in?
Watering or rainfall is not recommended within a day of application..

Is this safe for all turf types?
It is safe for many turf types when used at label rates. Some discolouration may occur after the first application to many grasses in particular Buffalo Grass. Do not apply to Kentucky Bluegrass.

How long before I see results?
Results are generally pretty fast, with growth reduction evident within 3-4 days dependent on weather conditions.

Will I see any discolouration to my turf?
A hormonal change is made within the plant so you may see some slight yellowing (phytotoxicity). If this occurs simply give the lawn a feed and it will grow out or apply LAWN PLAY ENHANCE in the next application.

Can I mow before or after application?
Mowing before should be done at least 6 hours prior to application or 6 hours before mowing.

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