OxStar Lawn Fertiliser & Weed Preventer



OxStar is a premium quality lawn fertiliser with all the nutrition to kick start your lawn in the right direction from day 1. It's high phosphorous (P) formulation kick starts your lawns root development while the active ingredient Oxadiazon acts as a weed preventer by forming a barrier in your soil to prevent emergence of weeds like Winter Grass, Summer Grass and Creeping Oxalis.

When and how to use it

Apply at 3kg per 100m2 to prevent Summer grass and Crowsfoot grass or at 4kg per 100m2 to prevent Winter Grass and Creeping Oxalis.

For a granular spreader, use a double application technique.

Safe for use on Buffalo, Common couch, Blue Couch, Kikuyu, Saltwater couch, Zoysia and hybrid couches (not Santa Ana).

Read the label instructions before applying.

Ensure turf area is free of leaves and other debris, mow the area if necessary so that the granules reach the soil surface.

DO NOT over apply, especially under the branch spread of trees and shrubs. Avoid contact with flowers and shrubs.
Water in with 10mm of irrigation.

Avoid applications when temperatures are consistently above 32 degrees.

Do not apply to wet foilage.


What's in it?

OxStar Herbicide contains Oxadiazon,

Oxadiazon inhibits protoporphyrinogen oxidase, leading to irreversible plant cell membrane damage.

Oxadiazon creates a barrier in the soil and is not root absorbed. Therefore the soil should remain undisturbed after treatment for best results.

Q & A

How does this differ from Barricade and Spartan?

This product contains a different active ingredient. OxStar contains oxadiazon while Spartan and Barricade includes Prodiamine.


Is it better to use OxStar or Barricade/Spartan?

Oxstar is not root absorbed and does not prevent root development. Spartan and Barricade do, that means for new turf OxStar is the right product for you. Once your turf is established ongoing pre-emergent control is best done with Spartan or Barricade as this provides better longevity and control.


How long does this product last?

When used at the 4kg rate it prevents germinating weeds for up to 10 weeks.


How does it work?

OxStar Herbicide’s selectivity is primarily through soil profile placement. Achieving this soil profile placement of the herbicide correctly is vital to obtain high efficacy. Applicators should ensure an even application and incorporation by way of irrigation or rainfall into the soil profile to achieve a consistent and even zone of herbicide activity.
After application and incorporation into the soil OxStar Herbicide is adsorbed by the soil colloids forming a herbicidal layer through which germinating weeds must pass; they absorb the OxStar Herbicide through the shoot and subsequently die.
OxStar Herbicide controls weeds by inhibiting an essential plant growth enzyme known as protoporphyrinogen oxidase or “protox” for short. This inhibition hinders the usual developmental functions of the plant and breaks down tissues.

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