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Get The Job Done Fast & Simple With These Easy To Use Tools. Order Yours Online Today!  

From pump packs right up to Lithium-ion battery-powered beasts, these tools get the job done fast. And professionally. 

• Easy to use. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to buy one.
• Robust and hard-wearing
• Easily serviceable for long lasting performance

Solo 406 Li 6L Battery Powered Sprayer

6L battery powered sprayer

Solo 414 Li 10L Battery Powered Sprayer

10L battery powered sprayer

Solo 441 16L Battery Powered Sprayer

16L Battery powered sprayer

Solo 461 5L Pump Pack Sprayer

5L pump pack sprayer

solo 417

Solo 417 Li 18L Battery Powered Sprayer

18L battery powered sprayer

Solo Nozzle Kit

Solo nozzle kit

Solo 2 nozzle boom

Solo 2 nozzle boom