Written by Andrew Baber

Lawn fungus is a common occurrence in most home lawns especially during periods of heat and rainfall. 

We don’t believe that the first action is reaching for a cure in a bottle. Proper diagnosis and treatment is the first step. Damage from lawn fungi is often the result of stress and therefore can be resolved by simply removing this stress.

Stresses that influence disease include:

Moisture stress– a waterlogged or underwatered lawn is more susceptible

Cutting height/scalping– Low mowing especially scalping puts severe stress on the plant and makes it more susceptible

 Fertiliser usage– Fungus is common after rain on lawns that have been under fertilised (Dollar spot) and over fertilised (Helmo and Dreschlera)

We recommend if you have developed a lawn fungus that you contact one of our lawn experts and share photos to determine the likely underlying cause and if the best solution is fungicide or simply cultural.

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