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Just sprinkle them over your lawn. Then just add water.

Granular lawn fertilisers are extremely popular with Australian home owners because they are incredibly easy to use. It’s a simple 2-step process: just spread them evenly across your lawn then give your lawn a drink. (Optional 3rd step – pour yourself a drink too.)

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Granular lawn fertilisers come in many different types, packs, colours and prices. So it can be quite daunting to determine which product is right for your lawn. But don’t panic because you’re in good hands. Here at The Lawn Shed, we’ve removed the difficulty of product selection by only stocking professional-grade products that will give you great results, everytime. In fact, we’re as passionate about your lawns as we are about our own. So select, spread and water with confidence.

The Lawn Shed have carefully selected 3 professional-grade fertilisers for you to use at home. Each one is suited to each of 3 key lawn tasks:

• For new lawns – choose Lawn Play Underlay, this lawn fertiliser is applied underneath new turf to promote healthy establishment
• To keep your lawn healthy – choose Lawn Play All Rounder, this all-purpose lawn fertiliser is our most popular as it is suitable for all types of lawns and all situations. It’s that simple
To restore a tired, worn lawn – choose Lawn Play Renovate, this lawn fertiliser is designed for restoring a tired lawn that needs a little more than casual maintenance

All Lawn Shed granular lawn fertilisers are used and recommended by professional turf managers at professional sporting venues around Australia.

All Rounder

For all purpose general lawn fertilising


For the restoration of poor lawn and soils

Underlay – 3kg

For application below new turf for best results