Cool Season Grass Lawn Care Guide

Written by Ian Thompson

Ian holds a Masters in Turf Management from Sydney University, has over 20 years experience working as a golf course Superintendent, turf manager, product formulation and development. We call him our resident Lawn genius.

Cool Season grasses, for example Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass, thrive in cooler temperatures, making them ideal choices for lawns in temperate regions. These grasses exhibit lush, vibrant green growth during the spring and autumn. Known for their resilience in the face of cooler climates, Cool Season grasses create a picturesque lawn that transitions beautifully between the seasons.

Mowing Cool Season Grass:

Maintain a consistent mowing routine for your Cool Season grass lawn is important, targeting an optimal height between 40 to 80mm. Regular mowing not only enhances the health and appearance of the turf but also manages the unique characteristics of Cool Season grasses. Use a sharp mower blade to ensure minimal stress on the grass, adjusting the mowing frequency based on the season. Consider scaling back mowing during cooler periods when Cool Season grass may require less attention.

Watering Cool Season Grass:

Cool Season grasses, celebrated for their adaptability to cooler temperatures, thrive with consistent watering. Ensure your lawn receives sufficient water to prevent the formation of dry patches, adjusting based on weather conditions. Deep watering fosters a robust root system, contributing to the resilience of Cool Season grasses. For consistent moisture distribution, consider utilising a sprinkler or irrigation system particular in warmer areas of full sun lawns during summer.

Weeding Cool Season Grass:

To maintain the pristine appearance of your Cool Season grass lawn, engage in proactive weed management. Regularly inspect the lawn, manually removing any emerging small weeds. For more substantial weed challenges, consider applying a targeted herbicide.

Fertilising Cool Season Grass:

Nourish your Cool Season grass with a balanced fertilizer, ideally applied in spring and late summer during its peak growth periods. Opt for a formulation with a balanced nutrient profile to enhance the vibrant colour and increase the density characteristic of Cool Season grasses. Adhering to recommended application rates is crucial for optimal results.

Renovate Cool Season Grass:

Aeration proves particularly beneficial, contributing to enhanced soil health and improved water and nutrient absorption. Aeration can be followed with topdressing and oversowing in spring and autumn. Regularly assess your lawn’s condition, identifying and addressing any issues to maintain a resilient and visually appealing Cool Season grass lawn.

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