How to Use Primo Maxx

Written by Ian Thompson

Ian holds a Masters in Turf Management from Sydney University, has over 20 years experience working as a golf course Superintendent, turf manager, product formulation and development. We call him our resident Lawn genius.

If you’re after a better lawn with less work than boy do we have the product for you. This one’s a secret of the pro’s that reduces the need for mowing and reduces clippings taken off. We love this product so much we’re super keen to share this secret with you. Primo Maxx is the product we’re going to let you in on, in this article we cover how to use Primo Maxx and a whole lot of hints and tips that help you get the best results when using Primo Maxx.

What is Primo Maxx?

So, what is Primo Maxx, in short it’s a plant growth regulator. There’s many different growth regulators already in use across most areas of horticulture. While it may sound like a new concept there’s a good chance that if you’re a garden love that you have already used hormones to stimulate the growth of your plants. You just know it as seaweed, this contains a boost of auxins (aux-ins) and cytokinins (si-toe-ki-nins), hormones that are beneficial for the plant. The auxins doing a whole range of things but the most visual would be assisting with flower development, the cytokinins help initiate root development.

Primo Maxx contains an active ingredient called trinexepac-ethyl, this acts to inhibite the product of the plant hormone gibberellic acid. 

To put the above into simple science, Primo Maxx is a chemical compound which is applied to your lawn through a sprayer, it then enters the leaves of your lawn and prevents the production of a plant hormone, this hormone is critical for the plant to grow upright as it is used by the plant to create cell division. Without this hormone the lawn simply slows and stops vertical growth of the leaf, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the lawn and less time mowing it.

Sometimes you may hear the term PGR used when describing Primo Maxx, this is just our tradie way of abbreviating plant growth regulator (PGR).

Just like the high use of and love of seaweed products, we believe every lawn should reap the benefits seen from using Primo Maxx.

The benefits of using Primo Maxx

Wow, there are so many benefits of this product it still shocks us that it isn’t used on every lawn in Australia isn’t using it. The most obvious benefit of using Primo Maxx is the time that you suddenly free up. This is due to a significant reduction in the need for mowing and when you do there is a huge reduction in clippings. Leaving space in your green bin and less empties of the catcher. You might even start to enjoy mowing.

If that’s still not enough for you to be convinced than don’t worry Primo Maxx has more to offer. The sudden reduction in growth means the lawn suddenly has a lower need for water to support its growth. With less upright growth to focus on the grass plant decides it’s time to dig deeper and puts its growth into more root development. 

On top of all that using Primo Maxx also makes your lawn denser, this is achieved by shortening the internodal length. You may not have realised this but your lawn grows from a stem which is either above ground (rhizome) or below ground (stolon), along this stem (like other plants) there are nodes, these nodes send up the leaves you see on your lawn. The space between these nodes is called the internodal length, by reducing this length the lawn is sending up leaves more regularly and this makes the lawn significantly denser. 

With the decreased need for upright growth the turf plant becomes healthier in other ways too. The leaves suddenly become greener and because you can mow lower this makes the leaves thinner, so the lawn becomes softer under feet.

There is one side effect though, you may be asked by everyone in the street how you managed it.

How to use Primo Maxx 

Although a professional quality product, using Primo Maxx is not rocket science, simply follow our step-by-step guide to get great results and start enjoying mowing your lawn again.

  1. Always the first step, start by reading the label and make sure you’re wearing the correct clothing and PPE.
  2. Calibrate your sprayer. Don’t worry we’ve created a video here to show you how.
  3. Measure up your lawn size and calculate the required amount of water and Primo Maxx required. Feel free to reach out to us if you want a check of your calculations.
  4. Add the required amount of water to a sprayer and then add the Primo Maxx. It’s a micro-emulsion formulation so it will disperse really well but still give your sprayer a little shake (with the lid on) to ensure its evenly mixed through the tank.
  5. Your sprayer will have water in the line running to the nozzle, so you need to spray this through until you start to see the product coming out.
  6. Plan the route that you are going to take.
  7. Spray the Primo Maxx evenly across the lawn ensuring you avoid walking through any areas you may have already sprayed.
  8. Allow it to dry before allowing anyone onto the grass.
  9. Record the amount used and when you used it on your calendar and make a note of when your next application should be.

It really is that easy. 

If you’re looking to go the extra mile or simply want to save time and apply more than one product at one time, than we recommend you add one of our greening fertilisers like LawnPlay Enhance or Lawnganics Brilliance to the tank mix.

How often should I be using Primo Maxx?

Primo Maxx is applied throughout the growing season when the upright growth of the lawn is more than you want, so there is an element of a personal preference. That being said, we have put together a bit of a guide.

We recommend that monthly applications kick off on your lawn during September to November, these can start at the lower range of the rates, i.e. Buffalo has a rate of 10-20ml per 100m2, you would start with 10ml and slowing increase to 20ml as the season progresses. The increased rate does not increase the longevity of coverage but it does increase the quality of the regulation during the same period.  

Once December comes around it’s best to start increasing the rate and frequency, this is when the fortnightly applications kick in. It’s a little extra work but your lawn will love it and you will become very proficient at making the application, plus you’re saving heaps of time mowing. As we start to cool down and enter Autumn (late February) it’s time to reduce the frequency back to once a month and by the end of March you can turn it off all together.

Now if you’re in the warmer areas of Australia you may want to keep using Primo Maxx year-round with low rates during the mild Winter period.

Some extra hints and tips on how to use Primo Maxx

  • As with all products we recommend you always read the label and SDS before handling any product. 
  • Be sure to accurately calculate the required amount of water and Primo Maxx, if you’re unsure, do not hesitate to check with us.
  • Primo Maxx is used on a per square meter rate, not a per L rate, do not add more Primo Maxx if you decide to use more water over the area.
  • Do not mow 3 hours before or after application. Keep irrigation off until the next day or water before application.
  • Your lawn will slow down significantly, don’t apply to lawns that contains significant bare areas.

What to expect after using Primo Maxx

The best lawn in the street is within your reach. The first application does take a few days to kick in so don’t be surprised if it’s still growing as fast as normal. Once you start to see the affects you may see some slight browning, this is nothing to be worried about and is always worst with the first application. From there you should see a significant decrease in clippings and the need to mow.

Everyone wants a great looking lawn with less work and that’s exactly what Primo Maxx does for you. Primo Maxx is quite simply the product that will change your lawn and free up your weekends. 

Hopefully this article has shown you how to use Primo Maxx and given you the confidence to improve your lawn. If we didn’t answer all your questions 

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